Nostro Predator Product Positioning

Product Positioning

In front of the trader!

Teleinvest is in the business of linking buy-side, sell-side and proprietary (Nostro) trading with the electronic market places on one side and with internal host systems and applications on the other.

 Our platform includes all vital components: OMS/EMS, STP, DMA, SOR, Algo, FIX-connections, feed handlers, market views, trading automates (for market making, arbitrage, basket trade, program trade), central order book, position keeping, risk control, audit trail, MiFID compliance, graphics and more.

Our offer allows tailor made solutions to small, medium and big clients by composing the right plug-ins as part of a coherent system. More than 10 years of first-hand experience and close to 1000 man years of dedicated software development means we can guarantee outstanding performance.

Trading systems depend on accurate real-time data. That’s why we also offer seamless integration of the corresponding data from first class vendors. A dedicated product (securities master file) facilitates automated opening of new instruments and their dynamic up-dating via data mapping on a centralized database at the client site.