PREDATOR is available in application service provider (ASP) mode, meaning Teleinvest provides a particular application program to customers over a network connecting the client GUI to a central server infrastructure.

The server is run by Teleinvest or a specialized hosting center from where direct connections to exchanges and brokers are provided. Software offered using an ASP model is also sometimes called On-demand software or software as a service (SaaS). Thus, the client does not bind his own IT resources, gains flexibility and minimizes cost by sharing it with other users of the same server environment.

By the ASP service TELEINVEST takes in charge the connections to the exchanges, networks or brokers and furnishes by this manner the access to these venues for members.

The service includes the right to use the TELEINVEST own developed professional trading tool: PREDATOR, to trade efficiently and optimally in the electronic markets.

ASP Advantages:

  • Lower Costs: By choosing the Predator ASP service, Banks become Market Members at very low cost as they don’t invest in very high specification hardware and telecoms equipment. Teleinvest has already made that investment and you can connect for a fraction of the cost. All you need is a direct connection to Teleinvest and a PC to run the trading application on.
  • Maintenance: Teleinvest will handle the task of keeping up with the exchange's trading systems. The infrastructure present at the banks level is very simple and IT teams won’t need to be full time in charge of production maintenance. By consequent it can be re-affected to other important tasks.
  • Technology: Developed using the latest technological tools, Predator provides a fully scalable and highly fault tolerant system which incorporates industry standard security.
  • Connectivity: We can connect you wherever you are. There are no geographical boundaries. Since you can choose from three different connection methods, there is an option to suit everyone's needs - leased line, ISDN dial-up or Internet.
  • The full value chain: As an market member, you will benefit from the full value chain of integrated trading, clearing and settlement provided by that exchange.
  • Trading Functionalities: Using state of the art technology, you can enter orders directly onto the exchange using our Predator client and receive instant execution.
  • Powerful Tool: This solution allows you to take advantage of using a very powerful professional trading system. You don’t have to pay licenses as they are included in the service.