The perfect data valuation solution for your back office. A valuable service adapting to your data model and to financial data providers new formats.

VALOS is an advanced information service which has been developed to provide securities information to banks and other organisations. It is the only tool on the market that has decoded and provides both SIX Financial Information Marketdata Feed (MDF) and Valordata Feed (VDF).

VALOS adds value to the raw data by creating a data warehouse which stores, organises and delivers information in REAL-TIME and in a format which is compatible with client requirements. In this way, the client's back-office, trading and portfolio management systems and operations become more effective and efficient.

VALOS provides

  • Securities current & historical prices,
  • Name, id and other basic data,
  • Information about Corporate Actions,
  • Alerts.

The client can access the VALOS information directly on a screen and in reports, or use it to feed his back-office, portfolio management or other computer systems directly.

VALOS information can be delivered as part of a regular and AUTOMATIC update service, or/and as a result of specific demands originating from the bank.The advantage for the VALOS client is that he has permanent access to a complete and accurate repository of historical and up-to-date securities information.

Access to VALOS information is via the Internet, Extranet or dedicated lines.

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