The trader obtains the whole history of an order or trade, from the moment it was entered in the platform until it is executed or deleted. Valuable tool for compliance and control purposes.

Using the Audit module any authorized person (the head trader, fund manager or auditor) can request a full or selective audit-trail on ALL or ANY data, for example : price & time stamp on order reception, order placing, changes, reception of execution etc. Definition of selection criteria is very simple.Audit  Trail

Reporting capabilities are available to both users at the client and users within trading department. The data available for reporting is limited based on the viewing permissions assigned to the user. Predator provides the option to print paper tickets for each order, together with its matching fills, to send reports by email or FAX.

Predator provides a summary report for a specified date, for all orders placed and for all executions. The report is available to print on demand. At least one year of data is available on-line for viewing and reporting.

Predator provides a flexible reporting tool which allows users to run order, fill or position reports based on user defined  templates.  The reporting tool allows the user to run reports based on any combination of the following: date range, client(s), account(s), exchange(s), product(s), trader(s), status(es), client reference(s), price range etc.